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What Did You Drive Before The Avalanche?



:) ?I am a 4th generation Chevrolet Owner. ?Bowties go way back on the family tree. ?It is almost an obsession! ?My previous vehicles are as follows:

1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer Sport
1995 Chevrolet Tahoe 4 Door 4x4 LT
2002 Chevrolet Avalanche Z71 4x4

Company Car: ?2002 Chevy Trailblazer LTZ

What did you drive? ?Are you Chevy crazy like me or did the got to have Avalanche take you away from Ford, Dodge, Toyota? ?I would like to know.

Roll on!

Chevy Nut
Previously I drove a:
'96 Grand Prix (still have)
'95 Thunderbird (trying to sell)
'75 Delta 88 Convertible (still have
'92 Mitsubishi Diamante (gone)
'70 Trans Am (gone, unfortunately)
'70 Z-28 (gone, unfortunately)
'55 Bel Air (I was an idiot to sell this one, but it drove like a boat) :cry:
Another cool topic...

I've been a Jeep guy for quite a while now and have really been into adding accessories and doing the mods. Here's a pic of my ZJ. I installed the liftkit myself. Still have it and will probably keep it even though we've outgrown it as a family.

The relatively low ground clearance, IFS and wimpy skidplates will keep my Av off the trails for the most part... but I didn't buy it for off-roading. I bought it for "Everything Else" which it does extremely well.
Still have:

'98 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 AWD 5.9L - hers now.
'87 Ford Bronco - waiting to become a classic.

Long gone:
'67 Pontiac GTO - awesome!!! - top speed 160 MPH.
My Av replaced:

1998 Tahoe 4x4 w/ Cowboy conversion

The Wife's ride:

2001 Acura MDX
Here's my list before the AV

96 Z71 K1500 Indigo Blue Ext Cab (put 125K miles)
93 Nissan 4 cyc (put 110K miles)
82 Monte Carlo 350 cc (put 60K miles)

00 WS6 Trans Am (current)
96 Impala SS
93 Nissan Sentra
Traded a 99 tahoe LT for the AVY after 2.5 years of owning it.

Before that it was a Isuzu Trooper II for 11 years.

I forget before that one!
My daily driver was a 89 Chevy Blazer., lifted with all the Offroad Mods., selling it now., the truck is like it left the show room floor.., inside, and out , has 100k on it... Previously owned a 69 Z28 Camaro, 69 L88 Corvette, ruined that one..., turned it into a C/Gas Drag car.., Nuts, Huh, lol.... 1971 Vega GT, lol...., 1966 Chevy Pick-Up Restored.... 1979 Chevy C-30 Ramp Truck, hauled the race car with that, I Drag raced from 1975 to 1983.., Held the National Record in My Class in 1979.. Won the NHRA English Town Summer Nationals that year also... I Presently own a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo, a 1982 Corvette.., had it since new 10k on it Mint, a 2001 Corvette..., and My Avalanche 2002, Working on it..., Grins
1980 Oldsmobile Delta 88 (hand me down... Laugh all you want, I smoked most people on the street in that behemoth family car!!)
1983 Oldsmobile Toranado (second hand me down...the girls loved it, but the front wheel drive ruined the performance.)
1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass (first car I ever drove off the lot, smokin engine but average car.)
1989 Lincoln Mark VII (girls loved it, clients loved it, cost too much to buy, cost way to much to maintain, and I treated it like a truck-camping, fishing, hunting, etc.- I trashed it.)
1995 Dodge Ram 1500 ( I found my calling. Ditched the Lincoln, and threw all my my camping and fishing gear in the back of my new body style truck. Everyone thought the new Dodge body style was ugly, now everyone loves it.)
2002 Avalanche (got married, had some kids, needed room for baby seats, but refused to relinquish my "truck". I got the best of both worlds!! Everyone thinks the Avalanche is ugly, give it a few years, they will love it.)
Had a 89' Audi 90 quattro.....that thing was great in the snow....awd supremacy....

Before that I had a 96 Eagle Talon....used to commute from Camp Lejeune, NC during my military days....

That's all folks!!
Last vehicle before my Black Z66 Avalanche was a '99 Buick Regal GS (was nearing the end of a 3 year lease). Fun car - but not as fun a my favorite below!

Still Have:
1. '93 Blue Chevrolet Corsica LT (still in great condition, use as commuter car, got it from my aunt who maintained it meticulously)
2. '86 Honda Accord LXI Hatchback - Just cant bring myself to part with it, 170K and still feels like its got another 100K left on it

Wife's is a 2001 Hyunda Elantra - Seems like a good little car for the money.

Prior to the '99 Regal GS (in order - most recent first):

1. 1970 Buick Skylark Custom Conv. - Hated to part with it, but needed to get ready to buy a house back in 2000.
2. 1977 Buick Park Ave. - Given to me by my Dad (God rest his soul, I still miss him every day)
3. 1987 Buick Grand National - Still the most enjoyable and fun vehicle I have ever owned (although I hope the Avalanche eventually comes close)
4. 1986 Oldsmobile Custlasss Salon - Nice ride - first car I owned with a sunroof - nice to have during college.
5. 1983 Buick Regal T-Type - Another fun car to have during college - although it was pretty ragged out, was still a lot of fun.
6. 1977 Buick Regal - Bought for and given to me by my Dad after HS graduation.

Future Cars ???: (Now that I/We have our do everything vehicle, I can start dreaming of my first love in autos, great performing cars)
1. Acura TL Type S - Great value for the money.
2. Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - The best, fasted car you can get for the money, would be nice, hope I can afford one before we have kids, lol!!
3. Audi S4/A4 - Just nice cars! Although pretty pricey...
4. Infiniti G35 - Looks promising from first reports.
5. BMW M3/M5 - Naaahh, too pricey for the performance.
6. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII - Great little pocket rocket coming to a US dealer near you soon...
7. Subaru WRX Sti - (Ditto)...
8. Audi RS4/RS6 - Naaahh, doubt they'll ever make it to the US, probably wouldn't be able to afford if they did...
9. Audi S8 - Doubt it - unless we come into some money.
10. Ferrari 550 - (Ditto)...
11. Honda S2000 - Great little car, but I just love torque too much to drive this thing everyday, lol...
I traded a '99 Mercedes Benz ML320. Loved the vehicle, didn't care for the "MB" experience. I also discovered that the "high resale value" of MBs is a myth...
I was driving a '93 Toyota T100, and before that an '87 Chevy Nova (hehe, first new car).
I'm a convert from Ford - in order of ownership:

1998 Pontiac Transport Montana Extended Length
1995 S-10 Extended Cab Pickup (with the 190 HP V-6)
1987 Merkur xR4Ti (it was a dark period in my life)
1987 Porsche 944-S2 (owned with the Probe @ same time)
1989 Ford Probe LX (Riced out I'll confess - raced 3 years)
1987 Ford Tempo 2-door Sport (totalled in wreck)
1985 Ford EXP Sport (heavily modified thanks to Ford engineer father)

My wife's rides:

1997 Ford Thunderbird LX Sport V-8 (awesome car)
1993 Subaru Legacy GL
1978 Camaro (if we only had the money to restore it)
1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass (totalled in an accident)
Traded my 00 GMC Z-71 for the AV. (Needed a bit more room for the little one that is expected at the end of March.)
Prior to the truck I had a 97 Wrangler TJ (Wife hated it and made me get rid of it. I will have another one as a play toy in the future)

01 Volvo S-60 T5 (FAST!)
92 Honda Accord (as someone mentioned about their Honda, it has 136k on but seems like it will run forever so we keep it)
92 Toyota Paseo (great mpg, but we needed more room)
:rolleyes: I thought I was logged in when I posted the reply above, but I guess I wasn't.
Mine: 1999 Ford F150 (short term waiting for Av)
1992 GMC Jimmy - 142,000 miles
1990 Ford Taurus (Business Use)
1988 Pontiac Grand Am SE Coupe Quad4 5 speed
1987 Pontiac Grand Am SE Coupe 4 Cyl 5 speed
1986 Pontiac Grand Am SE Coupe 6 cyl Auto
1973 Olds Cutlass Supreme 2 Dr - Winter Car
1979 Pontiac TA WS6 - STILL OWN!!
1980 Ford F100 - Yuck
1978 Chevy Silverado C1500
1972 Chevelle SS 454 4 Speed - Wish I still had ;D
1976 Chevy C2500
1973 Pontiac GTO 400 4 speed
1970 VW Beetle - Hand me down

Wife's: 1980 Chevy Citation 2.8HO
1979 Olds Toronado Diesel
1985 Olds 98 V6 Diesel (250,000 miles)
1996 Pontiac Bonneville SE - 187,000 & counting

I didn't know the list was that long in 23 years of driving.
WOW, wish i had a list like everyone else. the only vehicle i've own since the Av was my Pontiac T/A... :-[

oh well, still got a ways to go...
Still Have:

1994 Mazda RX-7 R2 - sweet engine and handling - it gets driven at driving schools on road courses. About 340 RWHP at 2800 lbs.

1994 Honda Accord LX - wife's ride, although she's looking at potentially replacing it soon...

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - all wheel drive, great engine, poor handling

1992 Acura Integra - sweet handling, anemic engine

1986 Honda Accord LX - hand-me-down car after graduating college

1974 Ford Capri 2.8 V6 - high-school car - this one was the German-made coupe imported to the US, not the rebadged Mustang. Great handling car, even though the body was mostly rusted through by the time I owned it. Bought it for $250.
I drove the following:
'69 Pontiac Firebird
'69 427 Tri-Power Vette
'71 Camaro Z-28
'70 Vette small block ragtop
'72 Jaguar XJ-6 sedan
'82 Chevrolet Blazer K-10
'86 Chevy Cavalier ragtop
'90 Corvetter ragtop
'92 Chevy Blazer
'96 Pontiac Sunfire
'98 BMV 328i ragtop
'02 Avalanche

Maroon 1990 Silverado 1500 Ext. Cab, 5.7 (350) - Sold in Oct. 01
Black 1993 FXDWG Harley Davidson (still have and ride a lot)
Prior to the Silverado, I had an '85 Dodge Ram for a year and a half and was glad to see it go. OK Truck but lots of problems and guzzled the fuel (11mpg)