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  1. SleuthSnoopy

    PCM issue or ??

    Hello, Today my 05 Avalanche LT Z71 had some hiccups. Went for a ride and the ac wasn’t really blowing too cold..after a 40 min trip, parked for 30 and back on the road home…she was blowing warm air, couldn’t feel the ac relay kick in…then the radio ( aftermarket Sony touchscreen) using...
  2. K

    2002 radio only outputs highs on the front speakers

    Hello, thank you for taking time to look at my post. I just got my Avalanche a few months ago and realized that the radio only plays the highs when using the radio. Using the sliders, it will fade to the back but nothing comes out. Left to right work as it should. It randomly comes on fully...
  3. M

    2004 Avalanche z66 radio

    I have a 2004 Avalanche with a Bose sound system, problem is the radio won't work until it gets warm? No door chime, nothing until it starts working. When I say warm I mean that literally, the face of the radio gets hot haha. Sometimes it will take an hour plus to kick on, sometimes it takes...
  4. R

    I think the dealer is wrong but maybe someone will know. Generator battery control module.

    Hello everyone. New to the forum and ownership. I recently inherited my dad’s 05 Z71 Avalanche. He was a totally disabled Vietnam Veteran. He passed away in February. I got his truck and started the work. It had been sitting for several years. I have repaired many items so far to get it...
  5. Hoknok

    2002 new radio head installed, I had power but not anymore after wires crossed and sparked.

    After installing new aftermarket Radio head into 2002 Avy, and succefully bypassing the amp…. And getting all four new speakers working… I was finally wiring my backup camera up in the head unit. As I did, one of the RCA connectors crossed over the power wire on the harness and sparked. Ever...
  6. xKingdom

    07-13 Avalanche iPad dash Kit

    Hello everyone, about 2 months ago I made a post asking anyone if they had seen an iPad dash kit or tried it. I took it upon myself to try to design one and what I've come up with might be worth your while. I'd recommend subscribing to this thread! So the things I wanted with this kit are...
  7. J

    Electrical Bugs After Stereo Change

    OK here goes, I went to install a new back up camera because our avalanches have huge Blindspot‘s when you’re going in reverse.. Mass of splicing and soldering but I did get the new deck to work. However now my back up lights don’t work my dome light is out and my transmission is acting like it...
  8. B

    Screw Sizes - door panel parts

    Does anyone know the screw size to mount the driver side door panel and the radio. Mine grew legs and ran away. Thanks!
  9. D

    Put in a new radio and door chime won’t go off now when I’m driving

    So I put in a new radio. On a my 2002 avalanche. It works fine when I’m in park but when I go to drive the door chime comes on like I’m not wearing a seat belt and no matter what I do it dint stop till the truck it’s completely stopped