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Hitch Covers hitch steps etc pics and questions


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Jan 19, 2002
Some other thoughts - a GoRhino hitch step - protects the rear - easy to remove. About $90.


There have been threads on painting them on gm-trucks.com - summary is you take all the panels off, sand them till they are smooth and then prep, prime and paint. Current quotes are running about $2000 - $2500 if you can find a shop willing to tackle.

Check with Matt @ http://www.offwest.com - he did one for a SEMA show.
I received and installed my chrome hitch step today. ?It's made by GoRhino and comes in chrome, polish steel, and black.

RoarinRow Photos

What do you think? ?I also got the chrome Avalanche license frame from the dealer. ?They offered me a deal I couldn't refuse.
(y)Looks good!
Looks Great !

I just picked up a black one for myself yesterday. I'm about to go outside this morning and install it. I like the idea of a little protection between the cladding and someone elses front bumper. A few weeks ago while stopped at a light someone rearended my Blazer at about 5 mph. I had a large hitch ball on at the time. The hitch ball actually pierced his grill & raditor and NO damage to my Blazer! He looked at his front end impaled on my hitch ball and whinced! :eek: I said dont worry, I dont seem to have any damage (with a smirk on my face.....) >:D

Have you seen their Grill Guard with the step as well? It's really nice.
I also will be installing my Poron Talking Backup Warning system today.
This should keep me busy for a few hours!

Keep on Modding!

Ken :D
Looks good...one thing I like is the bend at the ends. It mimics the GM Chrome nerf bars that are a dealer installed option. I may have the nerfs put in and see what I think and then its on to the rear step. ;D
Look's Good in chrome. ?I had the step (black) put in last year and it is definitely a life saver. ?Two Day's before my AV left for the SEMA show I was rear ended at a stop light by a Honda Accord. ?:C: When I was walking towards the back of the AV I could see the damage that it did to the front of the Accord and I was afraid to Look. :cautious:

However the only damage that was done was the paint the Accord left behind on my hitch step. ;D
Hey Irontrain,

It adds another 3 1/2" in length. This is one of the main reasons why I got it, for protection. It also comes with a thick but soft stow away bag so in case you need to take it off for whatever reason, it won't get scratched.

I hate to ask this, but exactly how did you measure the length increase? Is it 3.5 inches longer overall (past the bumper?), or does the step extend 3.5 inches past the hitch? (The hitch is recessed a bit from the bumper cover.)

I'm really close to my garage door, but I really like that step...


Hey Naylor99,

I measured it from the end of the lower bumper (pass bumper). Hope that helps.

Keep on moding!!
:7:I hate it when I do that!

RoarinRow, I was going to ask, does your hitch step fit in your side compartments?


Hmmm. I haven't tried sticking it in there. I've got too much stuff in there already. If I were to store it somewhere temporarily, I'd just leave it in the bed of the truck or underneath the passenger seats.

But, Irontrain is right, just about everything fits in those side compartments. I believe it would.
The hitch step was one of the first things I added. As stated above, it's cheap insurance.

The garage at my office is a bit too low for my Av but the company next door said we could use their parking lot. Well, it was a sunny day, the light pole behind me was black and blended well with the shadows on the tree line right behind it... and I was in a hurry. It's now at a 45 degree angle backwards... opps! But the point is that there as not even a scratch on my Av. After reading about someone (I forget the thread) needing a new bumper after hitting a pole, I'm glad I put it on. Pics at my Web site below!

I have never saw the hitch step until it was brought up here. I looks like it belongs there. Nice pix LazKat!
I checked today with D I C K at truckperformance to get one but he shows them backordered for 2 weeks. ???Sounded like a good price though, < $100 in chrome. Can anyone recommend another source that has them in stock?

Under 100 bucks for a chrome hitch step is a good price. Can you give me your info, like their web site or a phone number? I'm wanting to buy the stainless steel one, but Go-Rhino wants $160.

Check truckaddons.com...Go Rhino...chrome $98 + $15ups. They have polished stainless for $128 and black for $78 (not sure of last 2 prices). I am trying to order the Stull Billet grille for their $120 price on their web site. It takes the order by truck model and year and all the ones listed are $120 + 8 shipping. I called and the Av is $150. I ordered online and gave them the part number...we'll see if they ship out the right item for $120 or try to charge me the $150..worth a shot I guess.
What troubles me most about this thread, and the thread about the bumper-mounted brake lights, is WHY CAN'T THESE PEOPLE SEE A BARN-SIZED TRUCK WHEN IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!?!?!

Yeah, I know. Cheap insurance.
TRex said:

Under 100 bucks for a chrome hitch step is a good price. ?Can you give me your info, like their web site or a phone number? ?I'm wanting to buy the stainless steel one, but Go-Rhino wants $160.

Here you go, TRex;


Sales: 800-719-8100