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Hello and welcome to the club....
New members please post in here with a little introduction about yourself.....

Fill out your signature in your profile and include what year & model Avy or Ext you have so members can better answer any questions you may have.

Also if you are interested in meeting other members and attending get togethers you may want to fill in the location block within your profile as well. Putting just the state you reside in is usually good enough.

Enjoy the club and all we have to offer.....Thanks for finding us....

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2013 Avalanche blackdiamond ltz just joined this fan club


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I'm new to this forum but have been lurking for 2 months while I work on my 2002 Victory Red Avalanche. Made a list of all the issues and have repaired them. Wheel Bearings, Shocks, Plugs and wires, Cold air filter system, Mirrors, Climate control sensor ( to me ) and switches. I'm in the middle of the 5.3L " ticking " issue. I found 2 broken exhaust bolts, one on each side, front and rear. Have all the items to fix the exhaust leak and I'm hoping it's the source of the tick. I do all my own work. Learned back in the day how to maintain my own rides. Thanks for having me and the resources are endless.


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Hi all I hope all of you are well. Im new here as an Avalanche owner. I bought 2012 LTZ a year ago and i love it. I was lucky finding this gem with only 70K on it and it's in fantastic shape in and out. I live in Ontario Canada and believe me is impossible to find one in this shape and low millage.
I think i'm gonna keep it stock on the outside, just the rims will upgrade. On the inside i like to upgrade the wooden trim to aluminum look. And now to the most important part the Nav head unit. The OEM Boss Nav is good but lucks connectivity and is outdated. Was considering Alpine with the bezel but its not worth the ridiculously stupid price tag. I bought Eonon unit last winter but my connectors are not same so i have unit that is brand new and is for grub. so for now i'm in search of 22' wheels and head unit. Considering Sony. what your thoughts?